Respond critically to significant connections across texts, supported by evidence. Through identifying significant connections across four different texts, we are able to see how the genre of tragedy is demonstrated through different perspectives. The four texts I will be analysing are King Lear, a play written by William Shakespeare, Citizen Kane, a film directed by […]

Hamartia  Hamartia, (Flaw or error of judgement), occurs near the start of the film. It occurs after the scene where emperor Marcus Eraliese tells his son, Comidas, that the throne will be passed down to Maximus instead of him. (Going against the natural order). Comidas kills his father to take the throne. When Comidas announces […]

Shakespeare is influenced by the Aristotelian idea of a tragic hero when writing King Lear. It is an idea that develops our understanding of what a tragic hero looks like and what characteristics they display. The influence from Aristotle shows us how Shakespeare intentionally shapes his approach to construct a play like King Lear and throughout the […]

The ‘Chain of Being’ is a medieval structure that the world inherited as a view on the world. The ‘Chain of Being’ is a ranking system of a specific being, object or creature. These are ranked based on power, intelligence and capability. The ‘Chain of Being’ goes as follows; God Angels Humans Animals Vegetables Minerals […]

“I am a man more sinned against than sinning.” This quote shows that King Lear believes that he has got worse than he has given during his life. I agree with this statement as King Lear used to be an alright guy and only recently has been making continuous mistakes. The position of a king […]

Lear wants to divide his land between his daughters. Lear tells them to confess their love to him to fight over who gets more land. Cordelia refuses to play Lear’s game and does not confess her true love for him. As the audience, we know that she does love him very much but won’t put […]

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