22nd February 2018

King Lear (dramatic irony)

Lear wants to divide his land between his daughters. Lear tells them to confess their love to him to fight over who gets more land. Cordelia refuses to play Lear’s game and does not confess her true love for him. As the audience, we know that she does love him very much but won’t put up with Lear’s crap. This is shown when Cordelia says that her, “loves more ponderous than her tongue.” Lear decides to banish Cordelia. This is dramatic irony because…

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  1. Max, you have identified an accurate example of dramatic irony.

    Though you have used the evidence in your description of the irony, you do not explain how we as the audience possess more knowledge about Cordelia’s love than the characters in the play do.

    A vital part of dramatic irony is that we have more information than the majority of characters in the play. In order to illustrate that you understand how this works, please include an explanation of this that is specific to your example.

    Please ensure this task is finished over the next week.


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